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Justin Nolan has published his research in social ecology and ethnobiology in various articles, book chapters, and books. He also discusses his research in interviews, blogs, and podcasts. Below is a small collection of his most recent publications and features. For more information on Justin’s research, visit his Research Gate and Google Scholar profiles.

From Christmas trees to mistletoe, to pine cones, holly and ivy, the tradition of “bringing the outdoors indoors” during the holidays is commonplace and widely cherished.
As you drive through your hometown this holiday season, you will likely notice familiar evergreen Christmas wreaths hanging on the front doors of homes and businesses.
You’re probably familiar with St Nick, the cheerful, red-cheeked altruist who visits each home on Christmas, delivering gifts and joy to well-mannered children.
Justin Nolan Anthropology
University of Arkansas

My interests within biological anthropology include ethnobiology, the study of humans and their relationships with native flora and fauna, medical anthropology, the study of health belief systems …

Justin Nolan Anthropology Prof
Research Gate

Just off lonely Highway 82 on the eastern outskirts of El Dorado, Arkansas, I park my pickup in the gravel lot in front of a nondescript roadside one-stop I remember well from my childhood. Karl Brummett …


Professor Justin Nolan was born and raised in El Dorado, Arkansas, a town he describes as an ethnically and culturally diverse place very close to the Louisiana border. He attributes his hometown experience …

Justin Nolan
Research Gate

Political ecology concerns the interconnections among political, economic, and culture processes centering on environmental issues. Ethnobiologists pursue research …

Justin Nolan Medical Plants

Medicinal plants or herbs have been used in traditional medicine since prehistoric times. Today, natural, plant-based medicinal extracts can be found in almost any drug store, and for …

Justin Nolan
Discover the Grounds Podcast

Justin describes the rare native bloodroot plant and discusses some of the plants uses with Discover the Grounds. This podcast  is produced by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Justin Nolan El Dorado, AR

Alternative medicine is a constantly growing field. More than 30 percent of all Americans have used some type of alternative medicine, with acupuncture, yoga …

Justin Nolan is an Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas. He also spends his time conducting research and publishing his latest works. To follow about the latest discover …

Justin Nolan El Dorado, AR meditiation

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), sometimes referred to as holistic medicine, comes in many forms and is quickly rising in popularity….

Research Gate

In the Russian language, nouns are classified by gender and animacy, whereas in English, nouns are not. Using triad-sorts of names for …

Justin Nolan
Research Gate

Because humans have such strong physical and emotional connections to water in the environment, it follows that individuals and groups will have strong ideas and …


A medley of cultural influences from around the world has helped make Southern cuisine what it is today. At its core, Southern food ways are rooted in local and imported …


Food and cooking play a huge role in the everyday lives of families and communities, Justin Nolan says across the globe. In the American South, ‘Soul Food’ has a particularly significant place among the …

True Activist

For many Americans and Canadians, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, culminating with celebrations at …


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