Justin Nolan Biography

Justin Nolan attended Westminster College from 1989-1993, where he received a BA in Anthropology. Upon graduating, Justin continued his studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he received his PhD in Anthropology. His research in social ecology and ethnobiology includes traditional medicine and its recent incorporation into medical tourism in the Upper South, as well as the conservation of Native North American food traditions.

Justin Nolan Profile


Justin began teaching in August 2000 at the University of Missouri. He worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor for nearly 2 years before moving to the University of Arkansas to become the Associate Professor of Anthropology. In this role, Justin currently teaches the following courses: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Seminar in Ethnobiology, Ecological Anthropology, and Medical Anthropology.

 From 2016-2019, Justin was the Department Chair. Additionally, Justin co-taught the NSF-sponsored Short Course in Research Methods (SCRM) and has worked with Cherokee Nation’s Department of Education to document cultural conservation and Cherokee language preservation in Northeast Oklahoma.

In addition to his academic and teaching careers, Justin is also a published author. His research has been published in over 45 articles and book chapters, and two books: Wild Harvest in the Heartland: Ethnobotany in Missouri’s Little Dixie (2007) and THINK Cultural Anthropology (2012). He has also been featured on two podcasts where he discusses his research: Traditions: Shiloh Museum of Ozark History and Discover the Grounds: Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. To explore more of his published work, visit his Research Gate  and Google Scholar profiles.


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