Justin Nolan

Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arkansas

Justin Nolan

Justin is a published Author and Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Arkansas. His research is largely in the areas of social ecology and ethnobiology, which have been published in various journals as well as two books. Wild Harvest in the Heartland: Ethnobotany in Missouri’s Little Dixie was published in 2007, and THINK Cultural Anthropology was published in 2012. Recently, Justin served as the President of the Society of Ethnobiology.

Justin Nolan

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As you drive through your hometown this holiday season, you will likely notice familiar evergreen Christmas wreaths hanging on the front doors of homes and businesses.

You’re probably familiar with St Nick, the cheerful, red-cheeked altruist who visits each home on Christmas, delivering gifts and joy to well-mannered children.

Justin Nolan Anthropology
University of Arkansas

My interests within biological anthropology include ethnobiology, the study of humans and their relationships with native flora and fauna, medical anthropology, the study of health belief systems …

From Christmas trees to mistletoe, to pine cones, holly and ivy, the tradition of “bringing the outdoors indoors” during the holidays is commonplace and widely cherished.


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